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12 🇿🇼 Appropriation to appreciate | Batsirai Madzonga

August 5, 2021

If all designers globally aspire to create the same aesthetic, how can our designs represent the cultures they come from?

Batsirai Madzonga @batsimadz , designer of Sankofa Design System shares his inspirations & experiences. We discuss the process of creating, re-appropriating typography, iconography and color palettes and he talks about his mentor @sakimaf.

“I took inspiration from nature, for example, fractals, and it was interesting to explore and create patterns and geometry in UI design.”

“I’m trying to create digital experiences that users can easily connect with, because they seem familiar.”

We used the Sankofa font as the display font for this year's Nairobi Design Week theme 'Together' 💚

Find more of his work at 

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