Afrika Design: Creative Tour of Africa

22 🇳🇦 Indigenous Knowledge In Design | Omagano Kankondi

June 24, 2022

In this episode, we head off to Namibia to dive deep into its culture and indigenous knowledge. We examine how different communities approach life, done through a series of boot camps in the informal sector facilitated by UNDP and the Namibian Government. Omagano talks about the UNDP accelerator lab and how they work with market vendors to connect them to buyers through a digitized system during the pandemic. She further expands on some of the unique cultural differences found only in Namibia. Join us on this stop of our creative tour of Afrika to find out what they are.

*For the best experience, please use a headset/earphones.


Music by: Ngalah Oreyo (@ngalah_oreyo) and Mercy Barno (@merc.b_)

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