Afrika Design: Creative Tour of Africa

24 🇿🇼 Afrika - Love Letters | Osmond Tshuma

July 22, 2022

Welcome to Episode 24 of Afrika Design: a creative tour of Afrika.

Our next stop: Zimbabwe. Osmond Tshuma takes us on a journey into language and how it can influence art within a culture. We also explore the 'Afrika - Love letters' project that celebrates African independence and uniqueness through typography. We dive deep into Zimbabwean languages and their connection with art and technology, and how design mistakes can become a tradition and even part of the culture. We also look at 'Nyami Nyami', part of Zimbabwean folklore, how it came about, and its influence on the local people. 

*For the best experience, please use a headset/earphones.



Music by: Ngalah Oreyo (@ngalah_oreyo) and Mercy Barno (@merc.b_)

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