Afrika Design: Creative Tour of Africa

25 🇲🇬 Sensible, Expressive, Unexpected | Fenoson Zafimahova

August 5, 2022

Welcome to Episode 25 of Afrika Design: a creative tour of Afrika.

Our next stop: Madagascar. Fenoson Zafimahova, a Lead Concept Designer, led the design of JBL portable speakers such as JBL Xtreme, Flip3 and Pulse 2. We discuss the creative process, AI in design, Malagasy culture, and the knowledge locals have about design. We also discuss the future of design and the biggest challenge facing designers, sustainability.

*For the best experience, please use a headset/earphones.


Music by: Ngalah Oreyo (@ngalah_oreyo) and Mercy Barno (@merc.b_)

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